Our Story

Daprayer Designs hopes to bring meaningful and delightful gifts and stationery pieces to mamas and kids. Our gifts and stationery pieces are designed with the intention to bring joy, positivity and peace to the ones who gift them and to the ones who receive them.

We believe that gifts and stationery can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing - kids' version included! We hope that our thoughtfully and beautifully designed stationery can bring smiles to your faces when you use them and make the experience of writing, reflecting, working, or even just enjoying a quiet moment at home, a delightful one.  

The Dreamer Behind Daprayer Designs

Dawn is a mama of two little kids - Laurent and Elise. She is also a dreamer, a lover of beauty, and someone who seeks calmness and peace in the world of loud, noisy distractions. She picked up calligraphy when she was pregnant with her first child, Laurent, as she wanted to have a quiet hobby which she can turn to for me-time and reflection. She went on to pick up lettering and illustrating over the years and incorporated them to create artworks in which she hope to bring love and encouragement to people who receive them. Daprayer Designs is started with the intention to let these these artworks of love and encouragement reach even more people.

She hopes to develop more products for both mamas and kids to experience each day with joy, peace and gratitude, such as planners, journals and meaningful stationery items.